32" Long Small Bearing CTF (Cut-To-Fit) Axle Shaft Kit

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Part #: 9+-98832

Price: $289.69

Description: This CTF (Cut To Fit) 9" Ford axle provides you with a 32" long, 28 spline axle shaft with 4" of spline length. Up to 3" of this spline length may be cut off so that you may attain an axle length anywhere between 29" and 32" and still have adequate spline engagement into your 3rd. member. All CTF axles feature high performance induction heat treated forged alloy steel construction, and feature a 2.525" brake space dimension which is stock for 64-72 Mustang, Falcons, Fairlanes, and Maverick rearends. Wheel bolt pattern is drilled the stock 5 on 4 1/2" pattern, and an access hole is drilled. All CTF axles come with a full installation package which includes a set of five 1/2"-20 Ford style wheel studs, one heavy duty small bearing style retainer plate, one high quality small axle bearing with retaining collar, and one axle seal. Sold as a kit. NOTES: Axle specifications are 2.525" brake spacing offset, bolts into standard small bearing housing end type, and features a 2.430" axle register diameter. 2) Axle bearing does not come pressed onto the axle shaft, and wheel studs are not installed.

Unit of Measure: Sold as a Kit



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9+-98828 28" Long Small Bearing CTF (Cut-To-Fit) Axle Shaft Kit

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