Frequently Asked Questions On 9-Plus Housing

Q:   Are 9-Plus Housings rebuilt from used Ford 9 inch housings?
A:   All 9-Plus housings are "Brand New", made of premium grade steel. They are precision machined
      to OEM specifications.
Q:   Will 9-Plus Housings handle oversized tubes?
A:   They are machined to accept 3-inch, .188" wall tube.
Q:   Are all 9-Plus components interchangeable with original Ford 9 inch components?
A:   Yes, 9-Plus components are dimensionally the same and therefore interchangeable.
Q:   Will the 9 Plus gear case bolt up to my Ford 9 inch housing?
A:   Absolutely, The 9 plus case is dimensionally the same as the Ford unit. Only the 9 Plus is made
      from nodular iron and is 30% stronger!
Q:   How much does the 9 Plus Housing Center weigh?
A:   The Hot Rod Housing weighs 21.30 pounds with studs and the Heavy Duty Notch/Stock Style
      Housing weights 25.82 pounds.
Q:   What are the weights for the 9 Plus gear cases?
A:   The 9 Plus Sportsman Case, Nodular Iron is 27.20 pounds; and the 9 Plus Race Case, Nodular
      Iron is 32.90 pounds.
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